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Civil Civils will undertake all groundworks in Surrey whilst completing all domestic, commercial and industrial developments.  We have great expertise in bulk excavations, foundations, strip footings, raft foundations, below-ground drainage repairs and installation, kerb and footpath installation, car park surfacing, hard landscaping and much more.

As a professional groundworks company, we provide a wide selection of services to each of our clients from demolition to excavation. No matter the condition of the ground or how big of a challenge it may seem, our team of experts have the ability to complete all styles of work. Having the capacity to adapt to a variety of situations, we can complete works for both private and commercial clients alike. We take great pride in completing both commercial and private groundworks in Surrey.

Civil Civils have highly skilled staff using nothing but the latest technology within the industry, we guarantee to support a wide range of commercial clients from local authorities, landscape gardeners, civil engineers, and property developers, to construction firms. With every groundwork in Surrey that we complete we can guarantee to meet all the applicable legislative requirements.

When completing any groundworks in Surrey, we ensure that the area is accurately prepared and guarantee that all the necessary safety measures are in place. Before any work is begun, we will ensure that we undertake a survey of the site and provide our clients with an in-detail plan of action. It is important to complete a detailed plan so that every stage is planned in advance. This ensures that costs are kept to a minimum and that works can be completed briskly and expertly.

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    When completing any groundworks in Surrey and all the surrounding areas then we take great pride in ensuring that the correct foundations are in place. This is a crucial factor, especially when erecting any large scale projects. This is due to the weight of the structure or building being erected without stable foundations that are up to standard can cause serious damage.

    Civil Civils are a team of contractors that have our clients in mind, we are highly experienced and have all the necessary qualifications to ensure that we can carry out the most multiplex groundworks in Surrey. As a company, we use the highest quality latest equipment and materials so that we can guarantee to provide a high standard for each groundworks in Surrey.

    With a wide variety of groundwork services available our team of experts have the ability to complete all projects to a high standard in a cost and time-effective manner. We take great pride in providing our services to both commercial and private clients at a competitive rate. We understand the importance of completing work in a timely manner and meeting project deadlines. This is why we take great pride in putting together a structured schedule to complete all ground preparations and maintenance within budget and on time.

    When completing any groundworks we will complete an assessment of the soil conditions before pouring the concrete footings, if your soil reveals poor land drainage then we will be required to resolve this before any works can begin. Civil Civils have a team of experts who will analyse the poor land drainage and analyse this, we will then put in place a wide range of strategies to improve the circumstances, including underground drainage repairs, underground drainage renewal and the construction of new drainage systems.

    Whether the land is public or commercial, having a water-logged area that is affecting pathways and roads is a danger to those using the area as well as an inconvenience. Our teams of experts will assess the cause of the excess surface water and put together a plan to disperse the water through appropriate drainage measures. This will ensure that the water is dispersed by installing new systems or repairing existing ones making the areas safe and reliable once more.

    For any groundworks in Surrey that you require, contact our experts today, we will put together a plan to assess the area and complete a wide range of groundworks for you. With an abundance of knowledge within the industry, our team of experts can guarantee to answer any questions you may have and ensure to provide you with a cost-effective quotation.

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