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Having a company with an excellent reputation for completing road resurfacing in Surrey is crucial. Our team of contractors at Civil Civils know exactly what to do to get the project completed within a strict budget and on time.

The life expectancy of a road can depend on a wide range of elements. These factors include, how busy the roads are and what material is used, many factors can affect the surface of the road and lead to impairment and lessen the standard of the road surface.

Civil Civils provide a highly reputable maintenance service for road resurfacing in Surrey. Our expert workmen are fully equipped with the advanced techniques and equipment to complete all road resurfacing in Surrey. Road resurfacing is where a new layer of material is placed over the existing surface of the road. This means the entire road will not need to be replaced. When natural wear and tear occurs, it is important to have the road resurfaced to avoid costly replacements. Repairing damaged roads can extend the life of a road dramatically as well as ensures that the road users are kept safe whilst travelling on these roads.

Any road surface can be resurfaced, this will be used as a way to refresh them no matter what materials were originally used. It is important that any road is regularly maintained to ensure that they have longevity of life while keeping the roads safe for all users.  For a road to be resurfaced compared to replacing an entire road is the cheaper and more rapid solution.

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    Any roads that withstand heavy traffic should be regularly maintained to ensure that if wear and tear do occur, they are treated simultaneously. Not only do we undertake to resurface roads with wear and tear, but completing periodic resurfacing can ensure that any oil or rubber that is on the surface of the road is removed so that accidents are prevented and the road is safe for users.

    With over 30 years within the industry, we have great expertise in road resurfacing in Surrey. Our team of expert workmen are available around the clock, we understand that road resurfacing must be completed in a time that is least inconvenient to the general public. Undertaking any road resurfacing works can improve the longevity of the condition of the roads dramatically, which means that regular repairs for wear and tear and potholes will not be needed as often.

    Our expert team will analyse the roads that are needing resurfacing with regular inspections and annual surveys using our specialist equipment. If a road needs resurfacing, our expert team will remove the existing layer of road and lay a new surface. When roads begin to fall below a certain standard, it is crucial that road maintenance is carried out, eventually resurfacing will be required. There are many factors that are calculated when deciding which the best course of action will be when maintaining a road. This is determined by the current condition of the road. It is also important that we determine other factors for the road for example how busy the road is and what treatment will be the most effective for road users.

    Typically, road resurfacing in Surrey is the last resort, especially on incredibly busy roads. This is because it is an extensive task, a more costly option and a more time-consuming option, although this is the most reliable for providing longevity to the road. When resurfacing a road, there are many factors that can vary the time scale of the project, typically it will take longer than surface dressing treatments. This is due to the intensity of the maintenance and workmanship that is required. The resurfacing of a road requires the removal of the exhausted road surface and replacing it with a new layer. For these types of works to be completed, a diversion will need to be put in place so that road users can continue their journey with minimal disruption.

    Once we have removed the worn-out layer of road surface, we will then apply a bitumen spray coating using a spray tanker. Once we have completed this step, the new road surface of asphalt will be laid. If the weather conditions are not optimal it is impossible for us to complete resurfacing works, meaning the works may be delayed. Most commonly, we would complete the majority of our work in the warmer months, but we understand that this is not always doable, in the autumn and winter months when snow, rain, frost and similar weather are present, delays may occur.

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