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Over time, it is very common for roads to become worn. This is due to the high volume of users that pass through the roads on a daily basis. Not only do daily road users affect the conditions of the road but also adverse weather conditions. Typically, extreme weather such as heavy rain, snow, extremely cold weather and also extremely hot weather can all have adverse results on the surface of the road.

Our expert workmen will ensure to carry out extensive surveys, including visually inspecting roads to ensure that they are meeting certain criteria. If the roads do not meet the criteria, work must be completed.

There are multiple surface treatments that are used for roadworks in Surrey. Each treatment has its own leading benefits. Civil Civils undertake surface dressing if the current surface is in a reasonable condition.

Surface dressing is a quick improvement that can typically last up to ten years, for a low budget we can cover a large area. This involved spraying a tar-like substance, known as bitumen on a clean, dry surface where stone chippings are the spread to make a surface.

Sometimes when completing road resurfacing works, we will involve recycling techniques. This technique includes reducing the road into gravel and then laying a new surface on the road, this technique is called rubblization. Alternatively, full-depth reclamation involves total pulverization with the addition of binding agents such as cement or asphalt.  Another option of a recycling technique in roadworks in Surrey is ‘cold/hot in place’. This is a process that depends on a bituminous mixture. We will use pre-existing agents to reconstruct the surface of the road and all three of these techniques are considered the most reliable options for roadworks in Surrey.

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    If you are looking for a slightly more durable treatment, then we will undertake micro-surfacing. This treatment includes placing a thin layer on a new surface. This typically takes longer for us to cover the chosen area than with surface dressing but is usually used when roads see more foot traffic and if roads are needing to be levelled off. A thin layer of the surface will be placed over an existing surface to protect it. This will be made up of a mix of bitumen and stones and spread using specialist machines, meaning this is a substantial treatment for roadworks in Surrey.

    One of the most basic roadworks in Surrey that we provide is joint and crack sealing. This is necessary to stop water from perforating into the underlaying surface. In some instances, it is best to repair joints and cracks, especially on concrete roads where the joints between sections have become expansive. Most commonly, this style of treatment is completed to restore an even surface. Sealing these joints is crucial to avoid water getting through the cracks, water penetrating the surface can cause a detrimental impact in the winter months, especially if the water then freezes, which can cause the surface to crack further.

    If the surface of the road is past repair, then machine resurfacing may be the most reliable and effective option. The worn-out layer of the surface will be removed and a new layer will be laid in its replacement. When a surface is extremely damaged and past the stage of repair, then resurfacing will be required. This is a common option for areas that have heavy traffic. Resurfacing a road surface is, although a slower process, typically is one of the most durable treatments for roadworks in Surrey. When completing a full resurface we will be required to have all manholes adjusted and replaced, if required. Depending on the condition of the road surface, the road may require up to two separate layers of surface. This is a more durable and substantial treatment.


    Depending on the size of the road, diversions may be required whilst these roadworks are completed in Surrey. If the roads are not entirely closed and diversions are put in place, then traffic control may be required. When completing roadworks in Surrey, we will erect warning signs advising drivers of any road closures or partial closures. In areas that are known for heavy traffic, then works will typically be completed in the evening or at night. This minimises disruptions to road users. Although, for those that live close to these busy roads, disruptions may be impossible to avoid.

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